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Acquittal under Section 67 of The IT Act,2000(cyber law)

posted Sep 16, 2013, 12:10 AM by Prashant Mali
Today I Got Acquittal (Baa Izzat Bari) for my client in a matter pertaining to Section 67(facebook obscenity) of The IT Act,2000(cyber crime matter), 419,469,509 of IPC were also included. This was a first case of Facebook Abuse in Thane District and a huge media matter then.
1. FIR was registered in 27/09/2006, 
2. Charge sheet was submitted by police on 30/04/2007, 
3. Acquittal on 16/09/2013. 
This is my Third Acquittal in last two years in The IT Act, 2000 related cases.
earlier cases were of Section 66A(online defamation) and Section 66(Data theft & Hacking) of The IT Act,2000