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DUQU A Cyber War Warfare Weapon

posted Oct 31, 2011, 9:13 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Nov 2, 2011, 10:09 PM ]
What is DUQU ?
Duqu is a virus named so bcoz it creates files with “DQ” in a prefix
What DUQU Does ?
Duqu virus was designed to extract secrets from a computer it infects,  secrets such as pattern papers from makers of rarely worldly valves, motors, pipes and switches.
What is the Risk?
Info must be collected for use in building future cyber weapons that would ultimately control systems of critical infrastructure.
Who made Duqu? 
Hackers behind Duqu are not known, though their work sophistication suggests they may be state sponsored actors
Any links with Indians?
It is reported by reuters that a computers from data center called Web Werks in prabhadevi, Mumbai have been siezed by Indian authorities
How does DUQU gets installed?
1 An unpatched zero-day vulnerability is exploited through a Microsoft Word document and installs Duqu
2 Attackers can spread Duqu to computers in secure zones and control them through a peer-to-peer C&C protocol
3 Six possible organizations in eight countries have confirmed infections
4 A new C&C server ( hosted in Belgium was discovered and has been shut down.

Cyber War is war which can be fought with such lethal warfare virus.It can be developed on enemy computers , distributed on enemy computers and further than further distributed to adjacent enemy countries computers with little or no trace of the maker of such cyber war warfare weapons.