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Facebook Friend Request A Malware

posted Nov 16, 2011, 8:37 PM by Unknown user
 Facebook friend request can be a malware Beware! :
Cyber fraudsters targetted users of social networking site Facebook with a range of 'friend request' emails to draw them into downloading a banking Trojan.
"Malware authors and scammers of today are well acquainted with the behavioural psychology of Facebook users. 
Many of them are intelligent but won't think twice before accepting a friend request from someone they don't know,"
people getting lured by 'Free' offers on Facebook which led them to spread spam to their friends as well.
 Some study found an ubiquitous Facebook 'like' button harnessed by advertising scammers to lure users into receiving free merchandise like iPhone 4. 
Those wanting to receive the 'free' merchandise were asked to like several pages, provide their shipping addresses and forward the invite on to 100 or so friends -
 thus ensuring the spread of the scam. The pages were liked by hundreds of thousands of Facebook users..
and now with Lakhs of Facebook account getting hacked in Bangalore, India vulnerability of facebook users has become talk of netizens everwhere