Legal Counsel (India and International Courts & Arbitration)

I appear as a legal counsel either on my own vakalatnama or by instructions. I have argued across India in Criminal, Civil and Writ matters.

Consultation & Cyber Expert Legal Opinion

Legal and IT departments today are facing major challenges. More than ever, CIO, CISO, DPO and in house counsel need legal advisors that go beyond providing traditional legal advice. They need a techno-legal and strategic advisor positioned to help them transform their techno-legal issues. I provide Offline and Online Legal consultations across the world when it comes to IT, Telecom, e-commerce, Fintech, Startups, Banking, Insurance, Defence, and Traditional Industry sectors on various Laws including IT Act, Telecom Act, Consumer Act, Evidence Act, IPR, DPDPA . I provide written legal opinions to organizations on various techno legal matters. I consult Senior Legal Counsel on instances of clients. 

Police Liasoning (Filing FIR, Recording Statements etc) across India

With strong understanding of police functioning and functioning of central agencies, I specialise and have helped many individuals, organisations, NRI, HNI and celebrities in handling any police realated matter. When it comes to police all client need to be treated well and want to avoid any trauma, based on case at hand I ensure my clients are treated well and I personally talk to senior police man in person. Depending on case either i depute my junior or attend in person for statements before police or during filing of FIR. I help clients in drafting police complaints in vernacular language with right section and also advice in adducing right evidences to make a water tight case.

Bails [ Regular, ABA, Appeal to Sessions and HC , Drafting with research]

I argue and will guide you through the bail process and work to secure your pretrial release, secure your ABA or argue for an Appeal. I will also provide you with Legal Advice and guidance throughout the bail process. I have an impeccable track record in securing Bail by arguing with the help of well-researched case laws. I have argued bails in many courts across the country 

Criminal Trials and Appeals in Sessions and High Court

I handle criminal trials pertaining to cybercrime (IT Act, 2000 and IPC, BNS), telecom Act, Trademark and Copyright Act, and also take cross-examinations for cases involving electronic evidence. I prepare and deliver final arguments before the lower court, sessions court, and High Court.

Civil Matters of Defamation, Data Theft, Software Theft 

Civil Matters related to cyber crimes like hacking, data theft, online defamation, data protection and pornography etc are my forte. I argue civil courts, TDSAT, High Courts and the Supreme Courts.

Trademark and Copyright Registration with Appeals

I have a full-service Trademark, Copyright, Entertainment, and Advertising practice that provides clients with day-to-day counseling regarding the selection, procurement, registration, licensing, and enforcement of their trademarks and copyrights on a worldwide level. I prosecute, maintain, and manage many trademarks for hundreds of clients in many jurisdictions, earning rankings and recognition from several publications. I do complicated software, website, and Mobile App copyrights and enforcement. I draft and argue injunctions for trademark and copyright matters including John Doe injunctions from High Courts .

Consumer Court Matters and Appeals 

If a customer wants to take legal action against a seller or service provider for selling a defective product, offering subpar services, or running deceptive ads for their good or service, they can do so by hiring a consumer court lawyer to submit a complaint on their behalf. I draft and file consumer cases for Banking or Crdeit card issues payment gateway and ecommerce issues on all forums

WIPO Arbitration for IPR and Domain Name Disputes

Established in 1994, the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center (WIPO Center) stands as an impartial, independent, and non-profit entity dedicated to resolving disputes. It serves as the exclusive global provider of customized Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) support for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) conflicts and holds a prominent position in managing disputes related to Internet domain names. The WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center offers efficient and cost-effective ADR options, including mediation, arbitration, expedited arbitration, and expert determination, to facilitate the resolution of domestic or commercial conflicts for private individuals. Operating on a global scale, its focus is on addressing disputes related to intellectual property and technology. Internationally recognized, the WIPO Center is a leading authority in delivering domain name dispute resolution services, particularly under the WIPO-designed Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP). 

I help in drafting and arbitration to resolve the dispute and have represented many Indian and international clients at WIPO.

Drafting of Legal Notices, Contracts and Policies 

I am a seasoned Lawyer with 25 years of experience, dedicated to perfecting the art of drafting business legal documents with my team. Your information will be expertly transformed into legally binding contracts, providing robust legal protection tailored to your specific needs. No generic auto-generated contracts here; you'll receive custom-crafted work that takes care of various laws across the World.

I specialize in various Legal Notices, Replies to Notices and following Contracts:

Internet Web/Mobile Policies:

Terms of Use Policy

Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy & Disclaimer

Return or Refund Policy

Startup Business Contracts:

Non-Disclosure, Non-Compete, Non-Circumvention Agreements (NDAs)

Co-founders Agreement

Mobile App Software Development Agreement

Artist and Freelancer Contracts:

Film artist, model, singer, Fitness Instructor, Life Coach, Nutritionist, Therapist

Web Designer, UI/UX, Interior, Graphic, Product, Designer

SEO, SEM, Influencer, Content Writing, Affiliate Marketing Agreement

IP Contracts:

License and Maintenance

IP Assignment or Transfer

Commercialization, Distribution & Supply Agreement

This list is not exhaustive, but it represents my areas of specialization. Let me craft impeccable legal documents that fit your unique needs. Contact me now to get an expert to protect your business.

Training and Content Development

I believe that training and enablement are developed and delivered best by those who are actively involved with the laws, regulation and  technologies they teach. I have a unique humorous style of session delivery and I talk real life cases majorly which I had handled. My unique approach towards training to senior management and Boards of organisations, Judges at judicial academies, Police officers at the Police academies , Bureaucrats and Politicians at training academies, Professors at universities had made me a very popular teacher and speaker on topics like DPDPA, GDPR, Cybercrime, AI, Electronic evidence, cybersecurity, cyberlaws . I conduct offline, destination based and online trainings.

I advise on all technology laws and policies related content development and management.